What makes the Algerian Sahara so special?

From the rock arches, gueltas and immense dunes of Tadrart, to the ancient kingdom of the M'Zab, the vast expanses of the Algerian Sahara intoxicate every visitor.

In these pages - which we are currently updating (Winter 2020) - Expert Algeria brings together a handful of articles on the Algerian Sahara as well as our own personal reflections on one of the world's most enchanting landscapes, concentrating in particular on Ghardaia in the north and Tadrart to the south.

Expert Algeria runs all sorts of tours to the Algerian Sahara, including:

Roman Algeria and the Deep South Tour
Crocodiles and Giraffes in the Algerian Sahara
Algeria Tour: From the Mediterranean to the Sahara
Guided Tour: From Tamanrasset to Djanet
Essendilene by Camel

Here you will find details of many of the towns and regions in the Sahara that we visit, including such gems as the M'Zab Valley, the Tassili and Tamanrasset.

In and Around Ghardaia

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  • Ghardaia: Gateway to the Sahara
  • Ghardaia and the Mozabites: Austere but Tolerant
  • Ghardaia and the Origins of the Mozabites
  • Ghardaia and the M'Zab: A Lesson in Architecture

  • In and Around Tadrart

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  • Three Teas in Tadrart