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Roman Algeria with Expert Algeria travel agency"Un paradis pour archéologues" - Roman Algeria is an archaeolgist's paradise, with Djemila, Timgad and Tipasa - Algeria's triumvirate of Roman UNESCO World Heritage sites - ranking amongst the finest in the ancient world... as Cambridge University professor and BBC historian Mary Beard recently discovered when touring Roman Algeria.

But the vestiges of Algeria's Roman past stretch far beyond these three great sites to include little-known Mons, the museums at Constantine and Setif (the former adorned with a delightful "swimmers" mosaic, the latter a wonderful Bacchic procession), Hippo Regius (home of St Augustine), Madauros (associated with Apuleius) and Tiddis, clinging to a hill in the fertile mountains outside Constantine. Roman Algeria with Expert Algeria travel agency

Expert Algeria plans, designs accompanies tours to all the destinations below (and more besides), ranging from three-day trips to the Roman sites around Algiers to comprehensive three-week tours of Roman Algeria.

One of our most popular circuits is the eleven-day Antiquities of Roman Algeria, and you can see more examples of our Roman tours opposite.
statue at Djemila The wheel-rutted streets of Djemila - ancient Cuicul - are lined with two fora and a clutch of elaborate houses, churches and temples. Equally impressive is Djemila's stunning museum of mosaics. Djemila Info >
Hippo Regius
Hippo Regius Hippo Regius, home of St Augustine, is (according to the Lonely Planet) among "the most evocative sites in Algeria, stretched across a rolling site, full of flowers, rosemary, olive trees, birds and sheep". Hippo Info >
Lambaesis The Roman site of Lambaesis, situated not far from Batna, boasts a Temple of Aesculapius, a fine Capitolium, a set of baths, an Arch of Severus and, the highlight for most visitors, the praetorium of the Third Augustan Legion. Lambaesis Info >
Madauros The remote ruins of Madauros were once the home of Apuleius, the Roman writer perhaps best known for his bawdy Golden Ass. The site comprises a fine Roman mausoleum, a vast baths, a Byzantine fortress and a Christian basilica. Madauros Info >
Tebessa Tebessa's elegant, beautifully-preserved 3rd century AD Temple of Minerva is bettered by its ancient basilica along with its Arch of Caracalla, Roman domus, Byzantine walls and French market. Tebessa Info >
Tiddis Tiddis clings in terraces to the side of an ochre mountain in eastern Algeria. One of Algeria's most beautiful sites, Tiddis - in spite of its miniature size - boasts all the trappings of a Roman town. Tiddis Info >
Timgad Timgad, the "Pompeii of Africa", was constructed under Trajan as a bulwark against the unruly Berbers. With its immense library, colonnaded streets, myriad temples and imposing arch of Trajan, Timgad is the embodiment of Roman urban planning. Timgad Info >
Tipasa vacationsTipasa, nestling undisturbed amongst palm trees on the shores of the Mediterranean, once served as an inspiration to Albert Camus. Phoenician, Roman, palaeo-Christian and Byzantine ruins vie for attention alongside the nearby Mauritanian mausoleum. Tipasa Info >
Guelma The patrimony of Guelma, a small town located in north-eastern Algeria, includes an ancient theatre adorned with marble statues and city walls built on Byzantine foundations to protect the occupying French from local uprising. Guelma Info >