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Expert Algeria devises cultural and historical tours and holidays the length and breadth of Algeria. Most of our circuits, which last from three days to three weeks, are made to measure - and are accompanied by expert guides.

Below and opposite you will find a small selection of the sites that we visit.

And here is an A to Z of Algeria - a selection of the towns, cities and regions where we run sightseeing, cultural and adventure tours.
Camels in Algeria It is possible to fly from Mediterranean Algiers over snow-capped mountains to the Sahara desert in just over one hour. The Algerian Sahara amazes the first-time visitor with the variety of its landscapes.
Camels in AlgeriaDjemila, Timgad, Tipasa: Algeria's triumvirate of Roman World Heritage sites ranks amongst the world's finest, perhaps even more impressive than Libya's Leptis Magna.
Camels in AlgeriaGhardaia is one of the pentapolis settlements of the UNESCO-protected Saharan M'Zab Valley, which includes the walled town of Beni Isguen - normally closed to foreigners - where the women, clad entirely in white, reveal a single eye to the outside world.
Camels in AlgeriaAmongst the most delightful cities of Algeria are the Mediterranean capital, Algiers; Tlemcen, renowned for its Jewish heritage; Oran, the most Spanish of settlements; Constantine, "city of bridges" and "capital of culture"; and El Oued, "city of a thousand domes".